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I became a writer at 40... and so can you!

I was fast approaching the milestone many of us dread. Forty years old. How did that happen? I still had so many things to do, and time was slipping away.

The time for action came at the end of January 2021. A brush with a potentially life endangering situation made me reassess what I was doing, and what I wanted.

The dream had always been the same. I wanted to write fiction and the fear of rejection, my own doubts about my ability and a general lack of skills had always held me back.

I had no experience, no formal qualifications in that field and no connections or links. All I had were a few good ideas, and a determination to succeed.

I found myself signing up for an online episodic writing platform. This form of app is becoming increasingly popular and new platforms are popping up all the time.

From there I attended many free courses to develop my writing style, world building and character development.

I also joined Facebook support groups and built up a friendship group with other like-minded professionals.

I went on to write a four book series for the on-line platform and less than a year after I started allowing others to see my writing I self-published my novel The Alpha's Property on Amazon.

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