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A change to where I share my ongoing books

Hi everyone! I have a big change to announce!

The short story is: I am moving from Patreon to Ream, and teaming up with the amazing Melody Tyden to bring you even more great content!

And for those still reading/interested, here is the long story: For the last six months, I've been sharing early access to my work in progress books on Patreon. While I've enjoyed sharing and interacting with the readers on there, I've struggled on the platform.

The long and short of it is, the platform was never designed for books, which made it a frustrating experience at times both as an author and a reader too. In addition, they've been tightening up restrictions around 18+ content, and that makes my position there untenable.

Fear not! A new platform has been developed specifically for sharing books. Ream was created by authors with the reader experience in mind, and though it's new and still going through some teething issues, it looks like it will be a great place to grow.

So, what do you get if you join us on Ream? There are three levels, but basically, for $5/month, you now get access to updates from me AND Melody, as well as access to our back catalogues that haven't been published on Amazon yet. For $10/month, you get all that plus bonus content, and for $20/month, you get everything plus exclusive merchandise (Work has already begun on our fabulous merch!!)

The Ream app is not available in the app store or Google Play store, but you can download it by following these instructions:

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