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Festive Flings (August 2022)

Contemporary Christmas Romance- Explicit content 18+

Book 1 The Flings Collection

Jamie Knowles is facing a Christmas all alone after her childhood sweetheart dumped her for another woman. Until she realises for the first time on her adult life she is very single and ready to mingle. However, is her prince charming right under her nose?

Jamie's older sister Billie is married with children but both her and her husband can feel the spark fading. In order to save their marriage they decide to spice things up both in and out of the bedroom as a Christmas present to one another. Is it make or break?

Jamie's work colleague Tim likes a certain type of woman. He doesn't care that his friends don't agree. When he pulls a Christmas cracker, one who ticks all the boxes will she be brave and take the plunge with him or will her low self-esteem ruin their chance at love?

Are you ready for fun, fetishes and frolicking and a few Festive Flings?

Get your copy now!

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More Than Just a Fling (March 2023)

Contemporary Romance- Explicit content 18+

Book Two of the Flings Collection

Owen Matthews believes he is the luckiest man on this earth. He is young, successful, rich, good-looking and now he has landed the woman he has secretly been in love with for years. With Jamie right beside him, he is moving from London to New York City after being promoted to a lucrative job with lots of perks.


Life couldn’t get any better!


But as life often goes, when one thing falls into place, something else falls apart. Being in New York means being closer to his family in Ontario, and with that comes the baggage of the past. Is Owen really ready to commit to Jamie, or is there someone else lurking in the past who still shines a torch for him?


Owen’s family is delighted that he is practically back on home soil; after all, New York isn’t so far away. Will their expectations and plans for him match up to what his heart wants and needs?


Jamie loves her new life in New York, but she misses her family and friends… and then she starts to miss Owen too. What was the point in being here if she only sees him at work? She makes new friends and starts to find a life outside her relationship with Owen, making her wonder if this is even what she wants anymore?


With both being pulled in opposite directions… one question remains…


Is this More than just a Fling?

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