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Substitution Clause (August 2023)

An Elite English Football League Romance

Leila Monrose has a life many would envy. In her prestigious career as an injury specialist in Elite English Football, she meets interesting people and travels the world. Beautiful and clever, she has a nice car, a stylish home and has made plenty of friends since she moved up north for her job. Sooner or later, someone will come along to share it all with her. 

Could it be the younger footballer, Jack Cardal, who Leila helped regain form after a nasty injury? Handsome, rich and confident, Jack always wants what he can’t have. When Leila declines his invitation to dinner, he sees it as a challenge. 

Or maybe it will be his older brother, billionaire property and technology tycoon-turned-football club investor Nate Cardal, who is a perfect gentleman with a massive skeleton in his closet. 

When one brother hurts her, the other helps her seek revenge, but with conditions attached.  

In a world of high-stakes contracts, will Leila activate the Substitution Clause?

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Substitution Christmas (November 2023)

Sports Christmas Romance- Explicit content 18+

Holiday Novella to compliment Substitution Clause

When my only blood relative makes her own plans for Christmas, the only logical thing left to do is to celebrate with my chosen family: 


My fake fiancé, the billionaire owner of the football club I work for, who I am enjoying a passionate affair with. 


His brother, the star striker for the same football team, who put my job in jeopardy in the first place.


Their friends, who come with a side order of complicated.


My best friends, who are all tangled up in a mess worse than your granny’s oldest string of Christmas lights. 


What could go wrong? With sleeping arrangements, seating plans and a massive family dinner planned, it's not going to take much to derail this Substitution Christmas.

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