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The Alpha's Property (January 2022)  

Book One of The Onyx River series


Eva: I used to dream about love at first sight and being swept off my feet. Instead, I have a husband who constantly humiliates me and puts me down, and has literally left me stranded at the side of the road. Life seems pretty grim until I walk into the car dealership and the most handsome man I’ve ever met tells me I belong to him.

Aiden: I’ve been waiting a long time to meet my mate, and I could never have imagined it would be someone like Eva. She’s human, for a start, and she’s already married. But dammit, the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I needed her. If there’s even a chance for us to be together, I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

When Eva and Aiden’s worlds collide, it’s more than just their relationship at stake: there’s Preston, Aiden’s Beta, whose mate refuses to commit; Amber, Aiden’s sister, whose trust issues prevent her from embracing the happiness her mate bond could bring; Salma, Eva’s best friend and a Mafia princess who’s being pushed into a marriage to keep her position; Alejandro, Salma’s intended who wants a lot more from her than to share her throne; Melanie, whose eyes are gradually opened to the kind of man her lover is; and Ryan, Eva’s husband who doesn’t want her but doesn’t want anyone else to have her too.

Lives intertwine and secrets are revealed as Eva comes to terms with Aiden’s claim on her heart and soul: is she really ready to be The Alpha’s Property?

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The Alpha's Heir(May 2022)

Book Two of the Onyx River Series

Eva should be on cloud nine. Her abusive ex-husband is out of her life for good and she’s mated to Alpha Aiden, a man who adores her. Things are never that easy, though, not when the truth about her father brings up a whole new set of challenges. She’s got to face the past before moving forward, but how far can she bend without breaking?

Meanwhile, Aiden’s attention is needed everywhere. He wants to support Eva and her transition to being his Luna, but he also must support his sister, Amber, as she faces trial. On top of that, there’s the mystery about their mother and why she disappeared from their lives. It’s a lot for any man to deal with.

He could ask for help from his Beta, Preston, but he has problems of his own, while Salma continues to search for the people responsible for poisoning her papa and her mysterious half-brother. Can she and Alejandro take the reins of their Mafia territory, or have they already been compromised?

Secrets and schemes combine in a perfect storm that threatens to tear apart the fragile happiness that’s started to grow. With everyone facing their own demons, can they all pull through this together?

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The Hidden Queen of Alphas (May 2023)

Paranormal Romance with a fantasy and dystopian aspect.

Book One The Utopian Wolves Series

Deep in the werewolf kingdom, one devout and pious pack continues to live by the ancient teachings and scriptures of the Moon Goddess, but not everyone is happy about it.

Sweet and innocent Soraya wants more from life than her mother and sisters have settled for. As an unmated female, she must live a pure and chaste life until she finds her mate or face being shunned as a Scarlet Woman. She dreams of being free, but her life is thrown into uncertainty when she finds her mate on her eighteenth birthday. Which path should she choose?

Her best friend, the feisty and determined Fallon, is the daughter of the strict and unyielding Alpha. She has no idea how much danger her life is in until she starts to search for the truth behind her older sister's disappearance. Will Fallon's curiosity and concern lead her to the same fate of the sister whose name is no longer spoken?

Full of intrigue, mystery, passion and love… are you ready for The Hidden Queen of Alphas?

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The Hidden Strength of a Luna (2024)

Paranormal Romance with a fantasy and dystopian aspect.

Book 2 in the Utopian Wolves Series


Declared the new Alpha and Luna of the Utopian Wolves Pack, Brandon and Soraya now have a million problems on their plate. Knowing it is only a matter of time before their kingdom is discovered, they must prepare their pack for war.


Maimed and betrayed by his brothers and sister, Clayton will stop at nothing to seek vengeance. Named the new Alpha of the Reverent Moon Pack, he has no qualms about upholding the pack's teachings and values, even when it means mistreating his newly found mate. Tied to the most powerful and sinister man in the pack, Brianna faces a life of hardship and loneliness.


Will Clayton’s siblings come to his mate's aid or will her association with him keep them away? After all, they know all about Clayton’s desires for revenge. Or does Brianna have the strength to save herself?

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