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Two authors who share a love of sweet, spicy romance.

All About...

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Melody Tyden

If you're looking for romance, you've come to the right place! I started reading romance novels in my early teens and writing them soon afterwards; growing up in small towns in western Canada, there wasn't much else to do! Luckily those early stories have never seen the light of day. :) Now I live in the UK with my husband and daughter and spend my free time diving into magical or just romantic settings where true love (almost) always wins.

Emma Lee-Johnson

My pen name is Emma. I am a hopeless romantic with a gutter mind and a potty mouth.

I started writing in private in my teens but only allowed others to read my work last year.

I'm a happily married mum of three, originally from Liverpool, UK. Now a self-published author of Paranormal, Contemporary, Sport and Mafia romances that are hot and sweet!

I love to read and write steamy romance, and I like my leading men to be strong and sweet, and my females to be kick ass! And who doesn't love a plot twist?! I'm all about the HEA!

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Emma Lee-Johnson & Melody Tyden (1).png
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