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My pen name is Emma. I am a happily married mother of three, originally from Liverpool, UK. I love reading and writing.


I am a hopeless romantic with a gutter mind and a potty mouth, but I promise, my heart is as pure as gold

If you are looking for romance that is sweet, spicy and full of emotion, then look no further!

I'm a fan of all kinds of romance and I like stories with a bit of an edge and a strong female lead and a male lead who knows how to treat the ladies! However, I am also partial to a despicable villain too. 

Amongst my repertoire, you will find contemporary, paranormal, romantasy, dystopian, Christmas and Sports romance with varying degrees of spiciness.

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All About Emma!

Emma Lee-Johnson is a happily married mother to three handsome sons and a former Mental Health Nurse. She loves to read, write and craft. Her passion outside of romance writing is Autism Awareness and Acceptance, because two of her sons are diagnosed with Autism and she had to work her ass off to get them the support and acceptance they have.

Writing and daydreaming is how she spent her time as a young teens but she lacked confidence. She kept all her pretty notebooks that were filled with ideas, plotlines, characters and dialogue fearing she was not good enough. An almost catastrophic house fire that her and her family were lucky to escape is what gave her the final push to chase her dream.

She began her public sharing journey on an online serial platform, signing her first three books with them. After this time, she decided to explore the independent publishing route, so she could retain the rights to her own work and hold a physical copy of her writing. Less than a year after she first started sharing her writing, she self-published her novel: The Alpha’s Property.

She is now in the process of publishing her TENTH book to Amazon and hopes in the future to land a publishing deal and expand the reach of her work.

Emma shares all her work in progress on Ream as part of a shared subscription fellow co-author, Melody Tyden ( Their page is called Chilli & Chocolate. Sweet romance with a dash of spice.

Come and join them as they navigate the world of self publishing and see both their creations before anyone else. 

Chilli & Chocolate on Ream

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